Our Story

Remarkable Apparel for Remarkable Women 

You have a lot to balance in your day-to-day life - work, family, relationships. Today’s women need clothing that meets a variety of needs as they navigate through their busy schedules. Whether you’re running errands, setting a personal record at the gym, or taking Zoom meetings as you work from home, your garments can make or break your day. The ideal wardrobe consists of functional apparel that supports numerous activities and body types.


Unfortunately, many brands in the industry focus on a few factors, deeming some features more important and sacrificing the quality of other areas as a result. We wanted to create a line that checked every box, allowing women to feel confident with each wear.


We believe such high-quality workout wear should be accessible to everyone, granting every woman the opportunity to flex her personal style. The founding of Kiki Mix represents a newfound sense of self, encouraging you to stop settling for less and start demanding more from your clothing.