About us

Founded in 2020, Kiki Mix serves as your reminder to prioritize your well-being with apparel that provides comfort, function, and style. Our collection fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, enhancing every moment with ease. Regardless of your goals, interests, or hobbies, our apparel supports you, granting you the freedom to express yourself every day.


Kiki Mix presents a blend of different styles and silhouettes. We go beyond your basic tee and sweats (though those are great sometimes, too!). Our collection features a wide range of workout clothes, allowing you to find garments that best suit your needs. From playful patterns and unique designs to everyday neutrals and bold pops of color, Kiki Mix has something for everyone.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority; we go above and beyond to ensure that our clothing supports your every move, addresses every concern, and exceeds every expectation. We welcome your feedback to improve our products and process, enlisting your help to create a brand that never fails to perform.


With Kiki Mix in your closet, you have a supportive community in your corner. So, join our movement and stop settling for clothing that does little for you; instead, invest in Kiki Mix pieces that are made for you. Once you do, the possibilities are endless.